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Sabine S.

From Surviving to Thriving


I had spend my life in permanent "companionship" of a profound emotional pain. For so many decades, doing my inner work, meditating, observing and dissolving my own patterns of behavior, there was a curtain of pain, causing chronic health issues which I could not remove. Something invisible was covering me up from feeling really alive. I spent years, trying to put all my creative ideas into action, and trying to create my very own business didn't seem to be an accessible goal anymore. Some kind of deep mental and emotional exhaustion determined my life, deteriorating my power. Nearely 60 years, never really in your power, what can u expect ? A miracle ? Yes, You can. I did it. I never gave up, and so I found Barb, thanks God I did. Right after the first session with Barb, I was overcome by a wave of uncompromising radical selfcare like never before, the first glimpse of a brandnew level of joy. I had been in my late 50th, when I realised that the word "Real Selfcare" was missed in my vocabulary. Everything took a radical turn to its best version, session by session, and after not even month number three, I already felt so stabile and joyful, that my mind didn't stop anymore creating unique businessideas, while the "familiar old pain" had been evaporated. I could barely believe that the era of my painful lifetimes was already over, and so I continued enjoying Barb-Sessions, just celebrating an ungoing emotional finetuning of my mind, realising that I could not find any hidden pain anymore. I'd recommend Barb as the one with the fine intuition to find the exact reason code, the one with the warm empathy to make u feel seen and respected, on the right place at the right time, in the right hands, supported with everything u could need. And my personal opinion is, that nobody could ever have a session with Barb, without any opening of a "Gate of Healing", initiating a stream of inner healing... Thank you, Barb, from my heart, for everything you do.

Lela M.

My Therapy Session was beyond my expectations


I came to see Barb,for my childhood trauma.She has treated me with so much empathy,kindness and I felt safe.I felt I can trust her,while she was guiding me.She was patient and professional.I felt that she understands me on emotional and cognitive level.Her gift is unique.I am so blessed to have found Barb,and after our session I felt immediatly better,relieved.I felt empowered.She has exceeded my expectations.I would highly recommend her to my friend,familly,everyone indeed.Thank you Barb!


Testimonial for feeling stuck


I felt stuck in life and tired of struggling and feeling limited. Since the session, I have listened to the audio religiously for three weeks, and I'm still listening because the effects are so noticeable. I have felt energised and inspired to put time into my business and feel passionate about life. I feel as if I am back in the driver's seat. I would highly recommend barb; she's terrific.


Treatment of back pain

Treatment of Back Pain

I had a session with Barbora to solve my back pain. I knew it must have been something emotional causing it but I wasn’t sure.
Barbora guided me back to several scenes and really helped me uncover some beliefs I created for myself at an early age. I left the session with understanding at long last.
After listening to the audio for 30 days I can say I havnt experienced back pain since.
I would absolutely recommend Barbora and her work.

Elsa Antheia

CPTSD and bad sleep (nightmares)


Barb has literally change my life to the better.
I suffer from CPTSD and tried another hypnotherapist (RTT Hypnotherapist) and that one opened the box of worms and did not help me empty it or close it and I had many bad months due to it.
Barb fixed it in one session.
She didnät even know about my bad experience from before and I didnät even realise it myself until afterwards. The difference in how I was feeling was so profound.

I have had 2 sessions with Barb so far, and in both times, she has helped me with my issue and I can feel a big difference afterwards.

In the second session she worked on my nightmares/dreams that I was having every night and directly after, it stopped. Today it is more normal.

Whatever the problem is, Barb will help you with it.
She has so much knowledge and understanding on so many issues, specially CPTSD and PTSD that it really soothed my heart and mind when going to her. She really knows what she is doing.

Thank you Barb.


Amazing practitioner

United Kingdom

I felt very at ease with Barb, she knew exactly how to lead the session to support me fully throughout the session. In each scene she helped me find deeper hidden feelings that were causing my issue & made suggestions how I could release them. I felt much more free after and she was both encouaging and non-judging as we progressed throughout the session. I recommend her for anyone wanting to find release from an issue in their life.




Barb was really instrumental in getting me to connect my past beliefs from childhood to my present problem. Once she guided me to make these connections she also was trained with the tools to release those negative, old beliefs. Installing new and positive ones in their place. I loved the recording and believe in RTT very much and would recommend Barb to anyone!!


Breathe in Breathe Out & Relax


Barbara was patient and listened to what I wanted but also understood how I felt. The session was so meaningful to me and I learnt things about myself that I didn’t realize.

The audio that was put together was easy and enjoyable to listen to and after just a week of listening to it I could feel the changes in me happening!

Thank you so much for your help and listening to me I can’t recommend you enough!!!


Steps to Extraordinary Wellness!


I am writing this testimonial about Barb.Three things place Barb head and shoulders above other therapists and she comes highly recommended.

Firstly is her great skills as a detective in putting all the pieces together to arrive at a brilliant analysis and conclusion.

Secondly she is so skilful in applying so naturally and fluently Marisa's techniques at crucial junctures.Her fluency makes it seem effortless.

Thirdly so much thought, effort and intuition goes into her spontaneous transformations. She doesn't struggle over a script , the words flow with ease like a smooth river . All hallmarks of a great therapist.

I am happy to write that after 5 weeks the gynaecological pain is so diminished and other symptoms much controlled improving the quality of life. Thank you so much Barb for your extraordinary skills ,insights and kindness.

Georgia Constantinou

Healed from the asthma and anxiety


I had an amazing RTT session with Barbora on anxiety. Barbora conducted the session with caring and expertise. She was really interested in helping me to release stress and heal myself from the asthma and anxiety. She used her knowledge, skills, talents, and enthusiasm to transform my negative beliefs into strength and positivity. I felt safe and comfortable with her from the very first minute. A lot of burden was released from my chest immediately after the session. I have been listening to my recording every day
and I feel calmer, I can take deeper breaths and my chest is lighter. I enjoy listening to the recording and every day I feel the powerful, healing impact it has on me. Barbora is a phenomenon therapist and a kind and caring person.
I am immensely grateful for Barbora’s help, and I feel lucky that I have her in my life. I highly recommend her. She is one of the best RTT Therapists.
Thank you, Barbora!


Compassionate and knowledgeable


I had a session with Barbora at a time when I was feeling quite low and it instantly gave me a much needed boost. She listened and made me feel heard and was incredibly knowledgeable. Her compassionate, open form of communication made me feel instantly at ease and I was able to relax and enjoy the hypnotherapy. I slept better that night that I had in weeks!


Amazing changes thanks to Barbora

New Zealand

I would like to thanks Barbora for the amazing RTT session she provided to me. From the beginning she made me feel so confident and helped me to transform such heavy memories. During all the process she was kind, smart and had an incredible intuition.
I felt so light after the session and since. I highly recommend Barbora.

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