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CPTSD and bad sleep (nightmares)

Barb has literally change my life to the better.
I suffer from CPTSD and tried another hypnotherapist (RTT Hypnotherapist) and that one opened the box of worms and did not help me empty it or close it and I had many bad months due to it.
Barb fixed it in one session.
She didnät even know about my bad experience from before and I didnät even realise it myself until afterwards. The difference in how I was feeling was so profound.

I have had 2 sessions with Barb so far, and in both times, she has helped me with my issue and I can feel a big difference afterwards.

In the second session she worked on my nightmares/dreams that I was having every night and directly after, it stopped. Today it is more normal.

Whatever the problem is, Barb will help you with it.
She has so much knowledge and understanding on so many issues, specially CPTSD and PTSD that it really soothed my heart and mind when going to her. She really knows what she is doing.

Thank you Barb.

Elsa Antheia


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