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Are you a dedicated therapist or coach seeking to deepen your knowledge and enhance your skills in addressing Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Complex PTSD) in your clients?

16th APRIL 2024


Welcome to the Complex PTSD Blueprint, your comprehensive educational resource designed to equip you with the tools and insights needed to support individuals on their path to recovery.

In this illuminating 9-week course, we dive deep into the intricate world of Complex PTSD.



This course offers a thorough understanding of Complex Post-Traumatic Stress Disorder (Complex PTSD). You'll learn about trauma creation, symptom identification, triggers, and physical manifestations. This knowledge enhances your ability to support clients with Complex PTSD.



The course provides a rich toolbox of therapeutic skills and techniques tailored to address trauma. By joining, you'll enhance your therapeutic repertoire, learning how to empower clients to overcome trauma-related challenges, release suppressed emotions, and embark on a journey of self-discovery.



Attending this course not only benefits you as a therapist but also empowers you to make a significant positive impact on the lives of your clients. You'll be better equipped to support clients in their healing journeys, facilitate their reconnection with their true selves, and guide them through the grieving process of trauma recovery.



Our program goes beyond surface-level understanding. We empower you with the therapeutic techniques and strategies necessary to guide your clients through the challenges of Complex PTSD. Learn how to help them overcome numbing effects, break free from patterns like eating disorders and substance abuse, and navigate the complexities of dissociation.


Physical manifestations of trauma often present alongside emotional struggles. We'll explore how trauma can manifest

as pain and autoimmune disorders, allowing you to provide more comprehensive care for your clients.

The journey to recovery for your clients involves piecing together the fragments of their identity that trauma may have fractured. Discover how to facilitate reconnection and healing for each aspect of their sense of self.


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18 Hours of live teaching

Sessions every Tuesday GMT 19:00 / PDT 11:00 / EDT 14:00 / CET 20:00
Includes recordings of all live sessions!

Notes from each session

6 hours of additional content

Dedicated Facebook group for Q&A

Live-time access to the program materials and assessment tools

30 hours of CPD






E-Book "Adult 101: Coping Strategies"

E-Book "Adult 101: Rediscover Yourself"

Set of 20 coping strategies for recovery

Tools to find who I am without trauma

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1 Mentoring hour with
Barb Smith Varclova.

The hour will help you on working with trauma clients

in different modalities or supervision for specific clients.

A rare opportunity to have 1-to-1 with a Trauma Therapy expert to boost your confidence and accelerate your practice



Our course isn't just about knowledge; it's about empowerment. You'll gain insights into a range of therapeutic modalities and techniques for addressing trauma, tailored to each client's unique needs and preferences. Discover the approaches that resonate most with you and enhance your ability to guide clients on their healing journey.


By the end of the Complex PTSD Blueprint course for therapists, you'll be equipped with a deep understanding of how Complex PTSD develops, how it affects individuals, and, most importantly,

how to facilitate their recovery and empowerment.


Enroll now and take a significant step toward becoming an even more effective and compassionate therapist in supporting your clients through the challenges of Complex PTSD. Don't just help your clients survive;

help them thrive.



Each module consists of 2hr live lecture, additional recordings, case studies, and practical exercises to provide a comprehensive understanding of Complex PTSD, its creation, and the tools and techniques to support individuals on their journey to full recovery.

  • Module 1: Understanding the complexity of trauma
    Introduction to Adverse Childhood Experiences (ACEs) The impact of ACEs on mental and emotional well-being Recognizing different types of ACEs participating in creating Complex PTSD Defining trauma and its various forms Influence of generational and ancestral trauma on development of CPTSD Examining the different pathways to trauma Understanding the developmental aspects of trauma Identifying common trauma symptoms Recognizing trauma in yourself and others Case studies illustrating trauma creation
  • Module 2: Pathway of Recovery: Uncovering suppressed or uncreated memories
    Understanding of goals of trauma recovery Pathway to full recovery The concept of memory suppression and its link to Complex PTSD Techniques for memory recovery and processing Addressing the numbness often associated with trauma Understanding the link between trauma and eating disorders, substance abuse, disassociation and other “mental disorders/illnesses” Case studies illustrating memory recovery
  • Module 3: The 4Fs of Trauma and their connection to emotions and beliefs
    Introduction to the 4Fs model (Fight, Flight, Freeze, and Fawn) How the 4Fs manifest in trauma responses of Complex PTSD Examining the relationship between the 4Fs and suppressed emotions and beliefs Strategies for addressing and healing trauma-related responses
  • Module 4: Releasing stuck emotions from the body
    Differentiating between subconscious and conscious emotions Recognizing the body's responses to trauma Techniques for releasing stuck emotions, including somatic and mindfulness approaches Building emotional awareness and regulation skills Case studies on emotional release and healing
  • Module 5: Reconnecting with the parts of self
    Understanding the fragmented self in trauma Techniques for identifying and reconnecting with disconnected aspects of self Promoting self-acceptance and self-compassion Facilitating the integration of fragmented self-parts Case studies illustrating the process of self-reconnection
  • Module 6: Physical manifestation of Trauma: Pain and autoimmune disorders
    The mind-body connection in trauma Understanding how trauma can lead to chronic pain Exploring the link between trauma and autoimmune disorders Strategies for addressing physical manifestations of trauma Integrating physical and emotional healing approaches
  • Module 7: The grieving process of Trauma recovery
    Understanding stages of the grieving process in trauma healing The importance of grief in trauma recovery Recognising how trauma grieving manifests in daily life What is sadness teaching us Techniques to help get through the grieving process
  • Module 8: Rediscovering self
    Techniques for helping clients find their authentic selves and desires Useful approaches for learning healthy coping mechanisms Principles of Assertivity Finding and living a purposeful life
  • Module 9: Working with Complex PTSD in different modalities
    Integrating various therapeutic modalities to address trauma Building a trauma-informed practice and ethical considerations