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Barb Smith Varclova [Var-tslova]

Trauma Therapist, International Speaker, podcaster, mentor and educator with specialisation in Complex PTSD, PTSD and related coping mechanisms such as Eating Disorders, Addiction, Borderline Personality Disorder, Disassociation and Anxiety.

Founder of recovery program Trauma Response Recovery

Founder of educational program Complex PTSD Blueprint


She began to study how the mind works thirty years ago as a way to recover from Complex PTSD and completed several training programs, starting with The Silva Method of Mind Control, Acumulator, Principles of Life, NLP, Clinical and Pastoral Counselling, CBT, OneBrain, regression, hypnotherapy, and concluding with Rapid Transformation Therapy. In addition, she studied non-traditional modalities such as Reiki, Tarot, Osho Method, and energy work of crystals, wood and plants. And available research regarding the physical manifestation of emotional issues, newly known more as Quantum healing. 


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My Family were watched by Secret Police as Dissidents this Forged me to Become Leading Trauma Expert in the UK

Growing up as a dissident in communist Prauge, Barb Smith Varclova’s early life was brutal and terrifying. She suffered her first near-death experience when she was only four years old. Nearly two tons of snow fell from the roof of her apartment building in the centre of Prague, narrowly missing her but breaking her mother’s neck, who miraculously survived. However, due to this accident, Barb’s mother regularly was hospitalised due to complications from her injuries, and Barb took on the household responsibilities, which included the care of her two younger siblings.


Life took a more complicated turn for Barb as she grew up due to her family being treated as traitors to the regime, almost as if they were sub-human. They lived in constant fear that any one of them could be taken away at any moment, forever. Her father, who is a brilliant inventor and language expert, was under constant surveillance by the communist regime and was consequently incarcerated in front of Barb, not knowing if he would ever be released. Thankfully, her grandfather, who was serving as Deputy Minister at the time, was able to secure her father’s release before being imprisoned indefinitely. Sadly, however, this constant fear, surveillance, and oppression caused Barb to develop Chronic Fatigue Syndrome as a teenager.


Despite these hardships, Barb’s passion and desire to pursue a life of service have helped her overcome her traumas. Even when she was on the brink of death, at the age of 28, surviving a head-on collision with a truck, breaking the vertebra in her neck, and shattering her spinal discs, Barb still strived to be a leader and inspiration for others dealing with trauma.


Barb’s journey has led her to become a prominent figure in trauma expertise and leadership, and in recent years, she has emerged as a trailblazer. She has been a pioneer in ‘Trauma Response Reprogramming’ and ‘Complex PTSD Blueprint.’ Her groundbreaking ideas and use of quantum healing techniques have made a profound and meaningful impact in areas such as multiple sclerosis, anxiety, anger management, confidence-building, trauma, panic attacks, insomnia, and eating disorders. Barb’s unique approach aims to completely ‘turn off traumatic responses’ so that individuals can move forward towards complete recovery and freedom from their trauma, instead of the conventional methods currently available, which merely ‘dilute the symptoms of the individual,’ almost like putting a plaster on a cut that keeps opening and never truly heals.


Barb is truly an inspirational and exceptional person; she is driven and overcomes every obstacle. After being told she could never have children, she had a child at 31. After prolonged bouts of unemployment due to the economic market collapse in 2008, she built herself up again. She even uprooted her life with her husband and moved to the U.K. in 2015 to build another incredible new life.

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