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Healed from the asthma and anxiety

I had an amazing RTT session with Barbora on anxiety. Barbora conducted the session with caring and expertise. She was really interested in helping me to release stress and heal myself from the asthma and anxiety. She used her knowledge, skills, talents, and enthusiasm to transform my negative beliefs into strength and positivity. I felt safe and comfortable with her from the very first minute. A lot of burden was released from my chest immediately after the session. I have been listening to my recording every day
and I feel calmer, I can take deeper breaths and my chest is lighter. I enjoy listening to the recording and every day I feel the powerful, healing impact it has on me. Barbora is a phenomenon therapist and a kind and caring person.
I am immensely grateful for Barbora’s help, and I feel lucky that I have her in my life. I highly recommend her. She is one of the best RTT Therapists.
Thank you, Barbora!

Georgia Constantinou


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