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From Surviving to Thriving

I had spend my life in permanent "companionship" of a profound emotional pain. For so many decades, doing my inner work, meditating, observing and dissolving my own patterns of behavior, there was a curtain of pain, causing chronic health issues which I could not remove. Something invisible was covering me up from feeling really alive. I spent years, trying to put all my creative ideas into action, and trying to create my very own business didn't seem to be an accessible goal anymore. Some kind of deep mental and emotional exhaustion determined my life, deteriorating my power. Nearely 60 years, never really in your power, what can u expect ? A miracle ? Yes, You can. I did it. I never gave up, and so I found Barb, thanks God I did. Right after the first session with Barb, I was overcome by a wave of uncompromising radical selfcare like never before, the first glimpse of a brandnew level of joy. I had been in my late 50th, when I realised that the word "Real Selfcare" was missed in my vocabulary. Everything took a radical turn to its best version, session by session, and after not even month number three, I already felt so stabile and joyful, that my mind didn't stop anymore creating unique businessideas, while the "familiar old pain" had been evaporated. I could barely believe that the era of my painful lifetimes was already over, and so I continued enjoying Barb-Sessions, just celebrating an ungoing emotional finetuning of my mind, realising that I could not find any hidden pain anymore. I'd recommend Barb as the one with the fine intuition to find the exact reason code, the one with the warm empathy to make u feel seen and respected, on the right place at the right time, in the right hands, supported with everything u could need. And my personal opinion is, that nobody could ever have a session with Barb, without any opening of a "Gate of Healing", initiating a stream of inner healing... Thank you, Barb, from my heart, for everything you do.

Sabine S.


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