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Steps to Extraordinary Wellness!

I am writing this testimonial about Barb.Three things place Barb head and shoulders above other therapists and she comes highly recommended.

Firstly is her great skills as a detective in putting all the pieces together to arrive at a brilliant analysis and conclusion.

Secondly she is so skilful in applying so naturally and fluently Marisa's techniques at crucial junctures.Her fluency makes it seem effortless.

Thirdly so much thought, effort and intuition goes into her spontaneous transformations. She doesn't struggle over a script , the words flow with ease like a smooth river . All hallmarks of a great therapist.

I am happy to write that after 5 weeks the gynaecological pain is so diminished and other symptoms much controlled improving the quality of life. Thank you so much Barb for your extraordinary skills ,insights and kindness.



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