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Barb Smith Varclova - Trauma Therapist

Over thirty years of study of human behaviour and how mind works I have learned that when people act out on unhealed trauma and pain, they cause suffering to themselves and others. Helping people heal and turn their lives for better is my passion and purpose. I believe we can change the world through this transformative process by healing one person at a time.

Seeing people heal and experience joy instead of pain is why I dedicate my time and energy to working with people with broad range of issues. Helping others to feel better, purposeful, healthier, and happier provides me great satisfaction.

My life's motto is "Live in service to bring change to lives of others."

Please feel free to contact me with any issues you would like to discuss, and we can determine if I am the right person to help you. If not, I will recommend you to colleagues with the required specialisation. I work with people from around the world, so we can always find suitable time for both parties.

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    45 min


NO MORE LOST MEMORIES - End Of Disassociation

“In one session I was able to safely reach source of my trauma
and it was like switching off my disassociation"