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Available Online

Trauma Response Reprogramming 1 month

Confidence, Depression, Anxiety (Exams, Social), Motivation, Procrastination, Phobias, and more.

  • 3 hours
  • 600 British pounds
  • Online (all time zones) or in person

Service Description

If you want to improve your life, you can do so quickly and efficiently with Rapid Transformational Therapy. In just one Session, you can experience changes you didn't achieve with years of talking therapy. For complex issues, where multiple sessions may be required, sessions will be scheduled one a month, typically with results visible from the first Session. FREE Discovery Call - Start of you journey to better life with a 20-minute Discovery Call, during which we will discuss the main issue you would like to resolve and if I am right fit for you. I will also explain how sessions, follow ups, and recording works and answer any question you may have. The Discovery Call is FREE of charge to help you make the best possible decision to explore RTT. RTT Session - Each Session takes approximately 2,5 hrs to 4 hrs and is conducted online using Zoom or in person in client's house or agreed-upon suitable location. During the Session, it is vital that you not to be disturbed, have a comfortable place to sit, and have reliable connection to the Internet. In the first part of the Session, we will discuss your issue, decide on the best approach and then go on journey in your mind. I will your guide so you will always feel safe and able to find the root cause of your issue. You will emerge from the Session with a new vision for your life, leaving behind what no longer serves you RTT Recording - The second part of the Session will produce a recording, 12 to 20 minutes long, for you to listen to every day for at least 21 days. Over that time, the recording reinforces the messages to rewire the brain from the old settings. Therefore, listening to the recording to get full benefits from Session manifested in your life is crucial. For 3 weeks, we will have 1hr call. We will discuss how you feel following the Session, any changes in your life, and advice on new strategies if needed.

Cancellation Policy

Session is paid in full in advance via online payment (BACS, Paypal, Card payment). Session fee has to be paid 48 hours before RTT session (after Discovery Call), fail on payment results in cancellation of session. Session cancelled less then 24 hrs will not be refunded or rescheduled exempt of extreme circumstances. Session cancelled will be rescheduled in following 3 weeks. Sessions cancelled 14 days before date can be refunded on request. If you are facing extreme financial difficulty and would benefit from session, ask on availability of limited pro-bono sessions.

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