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Thank you from all my heart

Dear Barb,

I just wanted to thank you so much for yesterday's session. I had all these emotions and blocks built up and I was so ready to let them go. And you are such a wonderful, beautiful soul, you created such an incredibly safe environment, perfect to let it all out. Thank you to guide me through this process. I feel so much more released and free. As I mentioned after our session that scenes came up that I would have never expected. My subconscious really opened up feeling so safe and comfortable with you. Thank you so much for your wonderful, healing work. My confidence regarding that issue is boosted into infinity. I almost feel it never excited.

Thank you again so much for your fast response as well and that you managed everything so professionally. You are an amazing Therapist and I wish you all the best. Keep helping people in this world to overcome their issues.

Btw I even told people today that my mum is Russian and I was proud. Haha

Thank you from all my heart.



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