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Insecurity, self-doubts, not be able to speak up for myself, lack of confidence

I would like to express a lot of gratitude and appreciation to Barb. I had a beautiful session with her, I was very reliefed of all burden I was carying through my life. She was very emphatic and understanding. And she recognized right away what is going on in me. She led me into the crucial scenes of my life and I understood how those scenes and beliefs I made effected my life now. Everyday I feel the relief more and more. And not only this. I started to feel empowered, I started to believe in myself and I set the boundaries to the others. Inability to set those boundaries was such a big source of my unexpressed anger. She has encouraged me and made me realize what I am worth and that I deserve to be happy. Everyday I wake up and I feel happier and more free. I am now more confident about the person I am and she has given me these tools to found back myself when I am feeling low or self doubt. And I can speak up for myself now. I don´t feel the stop sign in my head and don´t feel the obstacle in my throat anymore. And she told me to pick a person whose confidence I admire as an example and it was so helpful for me. So thank you Barb and continue doing this amazing work for others and also may my testimonial give the courage for others. Thank you, Barb!

Petra R.

Czech Republic

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