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Feedback after my hypnotherapy with Barbora

I am grateful for having found Barbora and being hypnotized by her for my very 1st time. Her knowledge in this field is quite impressive, but her biggest privilege is her energy and her warm hearted attitude towards the client. Her professionalism is not disturbed but on the contrary, is enhanced by her empathy and understanding my needs during the session. I had an RTT hypnotherapy with her and her kind voice still keeps playing in my head and gives me a strong and vital reminder of what my subconscious was telling me all these years-and she helped me to change that. I am still in progress of my transformation, which took place immediately from the first day after having quite profound physical symptoms-I am still amazed by that. I am sure she is going to help and transform lives of so many people and that she was born for this because it seems like natural of her doing the hypnotherapy. I appreciate her so much and I feel her as a friend and not just as my 1st hypnotherapist. I wish her all the best and I welcome all of you reading this, to a magical healing journey with her and to an extraordinary life from now on...

Kiki Y.


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