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I feel myself so relaxed and calm inside of me

Hello Barbora, thank you.
I am amazing thanks to you. All our fears about the reaction on the next days was not needed, I was all right. I did not want to cry. I was not angry, just had a bit of headache but it is just usual after the therapy.

I feel literally amazing, wonderful and awesome cause I am sure you gave me exactly what I needed.

I feel myself so relaxed and calm inside of me, but finally I feel like I let myself be myself. My colleagues asked me what’s wrong with me and told me that I’m more crazy than usually. I told them that that’s me and they need to deal with that.

I started not being afraid to protect myself, but not in aggressive way, but with the wisdom that you gave me. Now I know that I can solve anything, now I know that I can take care of myself. Now I know that I can be me and I don’t need to pretend to be someone else to try to be more comfortable for people around me.

I’m so happy and so grateful that I found you, for everything that you've done for me, for your patience and your time.

You are really extremely talented therapist, and you are doing amazing and phenomenal job! I learn a lot from you, thank you for everything you did. I wish you lots of grateful clients and happiness from what are you doing!

Thank you for the best gift, you gave me the confidence and the right to be myself!
Thank you hundred times!!!



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